“Rlyehs Lament”, a brand new tune from Deadmau5 was released via his Soundcloud last night.  This tune is slow moving and doesn’t have an epic climax but is beautiful in it’s own right.  Maybe this is a new Deadmau5?  Lately the material he has released on his Soundcloud has been very experimental.  With the exception of his tune “Maths”, everything has been a bit different than say 4×4=12.  Either way, I am digging this new song.  It’s very very slow to start out  just some synths and some filtered drums to compliment it.  Eventually the tune picks it up a notch and Joel adds some more hip-hop/glitchy drums into the mix.  I have to give Deadmau5 some credit for messing around and experimenting with what he has; props to him.

Download: Rlyehs Lament – Deadmau5

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