**maybe best picture I’ve ever seen of Dillon**

Ok, so I’m really not entirely sure if this remix is new or not, but I feel as if not many people know about this one.  And with all the hype around Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus why not post it?  “Big Bills” is a Flosstradamus staple from a few years back, way before “Original Don” and what not.  It’s a pretty mellow tune  in the first place, but Dillon Francis took it in his hands to create something wild!  The drop really reminds me of something Rusko would have produced a few year ago.  Either way, new or not; this tune is too sick not to share.  So have at it, and get down to this!

Download: Big Bills (Dillon Francis remix) – Flosstradamus

Download: Big Bills – Flosstradamus

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