This new addition to the “LOC’D OUT” series hit me right where I needed it on this fabulous Thirsty Thursday.  As he never ceases to amaze us, showcasing different sounds with every release, Heartbreak’s edit of the Rusko original mix is perfect for waking me up and shaking the sleepiness out of my brain.  After a night with little sleep, when this track hits my eardrums, I feel transformed into a video game character that can speed through the meaningless motions and routines, and the only things that I slow down for are what counts the most.  This faster and more energetic version, for me, blows the original out of the water, with a funner vibe.  As we’re all in search (or maybe not at the moment) for “Somebody to Love”, this track will make that mission a bit more lighthearted.  So let the week fade out and the weekend creep in with this dubstep/electronic with just the right hint of hip-hop banger that’s sure to deliver an instant smile to your face and serotonin to your internal chemistry.

Listen: Somebody To Love (LOC’D OUT Remix) – Rusko

Listen: Lick (Datsik Remix) (LOC’D OUT) – Skrillex & Kaskade 

Listen: Kyoto (LOC’D OUT) – Skrillex

Listen: Diplodocus (Kill the Noise Remix) (LOC’D OUT) – Noisia

Listen: Like a Boss (LOC’D OUT) – Eptic

Listen: Spitfire (Kill the Noise Remix) (LOC’D OUT) – Porter Robinson

Listen: What (LOC’D OUT) – Bassnectar & Jantsen

Listen: You Should Know (LOC’D OUT) – Joker


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