Mr. Oizo has been a very busy man.  Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo is a french man with big plans.  He is a film maker that just released his film to the Sundance Film Festival.  He released Stade 2, late last year.  Collaborated with Boy Noize on a project called ‘Handbraeks’ that received mass praise.  And now this April, Mr. Oizo releases his Stade 3 for free!  Ok, so this is labeled techno, and many people might turn away from it because of that label.  Not too long ago, almost all people referred to electronic music as techno.  Since electronic music’s mass explosion of popularity, the term, techno, has gone back to meaning a certain genre of electronic music.  Yes, sometimes it’s hard to understand why people produce it, or why people even listen to it. I agree with some people at times, but I think it’s important to be exposed to all forms of music.  Plus, Mr. Oizo is a legend when it comes to techno.  So, put all previous dispositions aside and take a listen to this.

Stade 3

Download: Stade 3 – Mr. Oizo

Download: Toodoo ft. Carmen Castro – Mr. Oizo

Download: Fingers – Mr. Oizo

Download: WC – Mr. Oizo

Download: Textes – Mr. Oizo

Download: Calculatrix – Mr. Oizo

Download: Peehurts – Mr. Oizo

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