Fuck Our Ordinary Lives, otherwise abbreviated to F.O.O.L. is an electro producer I’ve been keeping my eye on lately.  With remixes like this I’ll be keeping a closer watch on this Swedish duo comprised of Rasmus Hermansen (Producer, DJ), Oliver Nilsson (DJ).   F.O.O.L. can be categorized as an electro-punk-trash electronic music.  They really span a bunch of genres, and you can be sure their music is good in any form or genre.  This time F.O.O.L. is remixing Gtronic’s “Iron Man”, a classic electro tune with some dubby elements spliced in.  Something like a Mord Fustang or Dirtyloud.  It’s really catchy music and gets me moving every time I listen, so you should get your ass up and groove to this too!

Download: Iron Man (F.O.O.L. remix) – Gtronic

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