Ever since the Dankles V.2 came out at the new year I’ve taken a keen interest in this guy names D!RTY AUD!O.  Not only is his name confusing to type out(try it yourself), but DA is making some of the best moombahton in the game.  D!RTY AUD!O comes from LA and has recently been getting his newer tune “Buss Up” played out everywhere we look; even some big names like Sidney Samson have been rising it out.  This time around I have two tracks from producer D!RTY AUD!O.  This first of which is “Oh Dear” a new moombahton track that will have your head swingin’ from side to side wishing you were daggerin’ some girl up in the club.  The second tune is D!RTY AUD!O’s take on electro house.  It’s good to see producers diversify from certain genres, because once someone gets pigeon-holed into a certain genre, they are expected to only make that music.

Download: Oh Dear (Original mix) – D!RTY AUD!O

Download: Break – D!RTY AUD!O & Nicolas Strands

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