In the recent weeks a few of us over here at the Dankles have caught a bit of a sickness, and when we say sickness we kind of mean it’s more of an addiction. And that addiction has been digging up fresh ass trap tracks, but recently we have noticed some other people have caught the same bug. So we figured, shit, why not let all you in on this trap stash we’ve been stacking up. As it is now we are going to work on getting you guys this Tuesdays’ dose of trap tracks every other week; that is unless you guys really dig what we’re digging up then maybe we can make some adjustments to Twerkin Trap Tuesdays frequency up here on the Dankles. But for now we’ve got a little selection to give you guys a glimpse to what kind of tunes could be in store, a couple of the tracks have free downloads tacked on so be sure to keep an eye out for those below.

Download: We Found Love (Yung Remix) – Rihanna

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