I am so happy there are SO many artists that are willing to release a bunch of their work for free.  In this case, it’s UK producer Jakwob that’s releasing his BRAND NEW EP, The Prize, all for free.  I’ve only gotten through about half of this 10 track EP and I have to say I haven’t skipped one track.  Every track seamlessly moves and creates a beautiful soundscape.  I was a little surprise when I first heard this EP though.  All previous material I’ve listened to from Jakwob has been pretty heavy on the dubstep.  This time around it’s much more relaxed, and I won’t lie it’s pretty fucking awesome.  Almost immediately I thought of SBTRKT when listening to The Prize.  It has the same special feel that SBTRKT gives off with his music.  Some notable tracks in my opinion: “Turn To Stone”, “Sailing ft. Roses Gabor”, “Feeling the Desire”, “Island ft. Ghost” and for you heavier dubsteppers, “Let It Fall” will do the trick!  Please don’t hesitate to download this EP, it’s the best thing I’ve heard in a while!


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