Looks like we’re starting you guys of with all kinds of fresh shit to get you over the hump this week. Just this morning Nashville producer Wick-it the Instigator dropped his freshest EP on us entitled ‘The Weathermaker’. Now if you aren’t familiar with Wick-it then you oughta be because this dude has been on fire the past year, bringing us some dope bass heavy remixes of everyone from Big Boi to the Beatsie Boys. That being said, this new EP takes a little bit of a different route than I would have first expected. ‘The Weathermaker’ takes us on an electronic voyage that builds as you work your way through each track. To me this journey gives everyone a little glimpse at what exactly Wick-it can do with his sound! There is definitely a hip hoppy/trap vibe felt throughout a good part of the EP but tied into some spacey synths we might as well be blasting off into another dimension.  Anyways, check out all the tracks through Wick-it’s soundcloud below and scoop up a download while you still can!

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