It’s really been a while since we’ve heard any original material from Caspa.  Atleast it feels like its been a while, but not to worry, the original dubsteppa is back with the release of a new EP!  The Sell Out EP, is Caspa’s newest offering and with this three track EP, he takes us back to the Caspa that we first fell in love with.  The track I’m speaking of is the title track, “You Sell Out”.  It’s a grimy, flithy, bass heavy anthem for UK grime lovers. “Room 324” is a bit of a slower dubstep tune with a lot of low end bass to make up for the lack of front-end grime.  And finally, a bit different than most of Caspa’s tunes, “Jungle Juice” is a jump up, bass heavy tune that will literally have you jumping around…hopefully with jungle juice in hand?  I’m loving this new Caspa, and if you’re into it too, make sure to pick up the EP on May 28th!

Caspa – You Sell out (Sell Out EP) by Caspaofficial

Caspa – Room 324 (Sell Out EP) by Caspaofficial

Caspa – Jungle Juice (Sell Out EP) by Caspaofficial

Here is a bonus track that Caspa just uploaded a few hours ago!  This one might be my favorite of the four.  It immediately reminded me of some of Skream’s tunes!

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