As we prepare for a weekend that see’s all three of our crews going PonDeLoco for Cinco De Mayo, I personally would like to drop a healthy serving of wobbles for your audible pleasure before Tecate and lime’s, Big Star fish taco’s, and seeing MSTRKRFT, Rusko, and Deadmau5 slay Chicago take over my life for the next few days. When I think of Buygore Records thoughts of a massive stuff bear that goes by TEDDY, tweets asking all the girls on twitter to send pics of their tits, and a man that has been said to have ruined dubstep come to mind. But this record label also houses an artist known as Tomba who takes dubstep to a whole other level by griming the hell out of whatever track he produces. His latest EP titled Time to Slam came out on beatport this week and if you’re still searching for some wobbles to carry you through the weekend look no further because these tracks hit HARD AS HELL (especially this one). Enjoy mes Amis.

Download: Time to Slam – Tomba feat. Inja

Download: Raindrops (Tomba Remix) – Fytch & Captain Crunch BONUS

Time to Slam EP Tracklist
1. Time To Slam (Original Mix)
2. A Spanish Lullaby (Original Mix)
3. Wanna Feel Good (Original Mix)
4. You And Me (Original Mix)
5. Kneeyan (Original Mix)

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