From the looks of it this might have been a good idea after all?! Who’d a thunk Tuesdays would get so wild, we sure didn’t. But anyhow we’ve got some more tracks for you guys so prepare however you did last week, crack a 40, twist an L up, whatever suits your fancy. It seems like every week more and more trap is coming out of the shadows, and so many artists are giving it a crack (most of them in their own style) which is putting a dope twist on a genre that has needed some greater recognition for a while. Oh and by now it should go without saying, turn this shit up!

You can downlaod this track along with GRANT’s remix for FREE from XXYYXX // GRANT HERE

Download : Sunburn (Big Chocolate Remix) – Kflay

Download : Snap Backs & Tattoos (Bandit Remix) – DJ Spaz ft. DJ Sliink

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