New release Tuesday is brought in with a bang thanks to L.A. native ETC!ETC! and his latest drop, the Killafornia EP, out today.  An anything-but-ordinary compilation of five tracks, ETC!ETC! explores new sounds while keeping true to his roots (for which we all love him originally).  Massive tracks are showcased by collabs with some of our favorite producers/MCs including J-Trick, LeDoom, MC Kyla, and Whiskey Pete.  Although with a majorly apparent electro house theme, the tempos of the songs are a bit slower than normal electro tracks, yet no doubt will be slaying dancefloors and grassy knolls at shows and festivals this summer.  My personal favorite off this EP would have to be Future Shock, where ETC!ETC!’s signature heavy bass, the kind that enters your body through your feet and rattles back and forth up to the top of your head and Whiskey Pete’s definitively melodic and high-energy rhythm lyrics have me thinking that tomorrow is Memorial Day and the summer party is on! This EP is an essential for this summer so to add it to your library & download it ASAP!

Listen: Killafornia EP [Teaser Mix] – ETC!ETC!

Buy the “Killafornia EP” via Beatport HERE

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