The South Rakkas crew recently had a remix competition including Bounce by Chachi.   The winner was posted via their Souncloud and Mad Decent’s blog yesterday and today respectively.  Robs and Duke came out on top with this moombah tune.  If the genre is moombah-anything, I’ll listen to it no doubt – moombahton, moombahcore, post-moombahstep-core-ton –  whatever you call it, I’ll listen to it.  This is pure, vintage moombahcore.  If such a genre or subgenre like moombahcore has even been around long enough to warrant something as ‘vintage’, this is it.  I know why these guys won.  Just listen to it.  I can’t wait to hear more from these doods.

      Chachi – Bounce It (Robs and Duke Moombahcore Remix)

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