Recently I’ve been on two serious music fixes. The first is searching every corner of the web for the best ‘trap’ music it has to offer. The second, find seriously heavy dubstep. Both fixes have merged into some seriously awesome finds, which will certainly be shared with all you lovely followers this week. It’ll start today with CRNKN’s new tune that he put out yesterday. It happens to be a mixture of both of my addictions at the moment. It’s an awesome mesh of both ‘trap’ and ‘dubstep’ turned into a “crunkstep” anthem, that I’m sure will be incredibly popular in sets all summer long. CRIZZLY fans take notice and  show this cat some love. CRNKN isn’t new to the Dankles, and he’ll always have our support with tunes like this. If this doesn’t get you moving, well.. I’m sorry.


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