So since a lot of you aren’t familiar with the greatest city on the face of this planet, nay this whole universe, let Brooklyn native Baauer teach you a bit about how we roll up here, as his new release defines elements of everyday life up here, especially in “Harlem Shake”.  With the Trap storm hitting up to what I’d classify as a 9 on the Richter Scale, Baauer’s beats showcase trap at its finest.  With some serious snare hits that to me actually are reminiscent in some ways of Crizzly’s crunkstep, but incomparable by far.  Both “Harlem Shake” and “Yaow!” are like putting all of my tired and lackluster feelings about the work week in an oversized soda bottle, recapping it, shaking it for like five minutes straight and opening to a ridiculous spray of energy that get me all hyphy.  These tracks are sure to be huge and played all over the place for the summer, so get them while the gettin’s fresh!  Baauer for Pres!!

Listen: Harlem Shake – Baauer

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