Starting off, we’d like to say a huge CONGRATS to Munchi on hitting over one MILLION plays, and for that reason, he dropped “Drown”, an original track by Motogawa with his twist on it.  Lately, Munchi’s been doing some huge things, including a set at Sónar in São Paolo (right after Justice!), and is about to touch back down in the US for a minute.  Today he gives us a glimpse into his chaotic world with a classic background, which I can’t help but think about the reason why I love this kind of music to begin with when I hear it.  A more internal side of Munchi that we don’t see too often is exposed to us here, oozing with emotion on a softer note that usual.  The piano and vocals and just overall balance orchestrated so well is showcased without a doubt by Munchi.  Enjoy a moment of reflection before the weekend craziness begins.  And, congrats Munch!

Listen: Drown – Munchi x Motogawa

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