I’m not sure if many of you know what’s up with Groundislava. But this is blowin’ up the LA beat scene along with all the other dudes (Shlohmo, Juj, and Jonwayne to name a few) crunching out tunes through their group the WeDidItCollective. Ground Is Lava also has his new EP ‘TV Dreams’ dropping in late June so keep your eyes peeled for that! Without much adue here’s this little chilled out remix Ground Is Lava just dropped yesterday of Jame Foxx’s ‘Blame It’ that was all over the radio a year back. This mellowed out spacey remix started my day off right as I wiped the crust out of eyes and brushed that taste of booze off my tongue from the night before, hopefully I’m not the only in that boat this morning. Oh and here’s another little flavor from Ground Is Lava tacked on for all of you that dig this.


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