Currently one of my favorite moombah artists, Chong-X, a Peruvian producer/DJ, just came out with a couple new remixes today that I thought I would share.  Chong-X does moombahton justice.  He doesn’t make it something it’s not but simply keeps is real.  That one of the reason he’s one of my favorites, but also he is always putting out brand new material.  This new remix “In The Building” really reminds me of something Diplo/Major Lazer would play out a show; it’s unique and different from what is out currently, but it has infectious hooks that will keep you dancing the whole way through.  The second moombah track here takes influence from reggae and tropical vibes.  Enjoy!

Download: In The Building (Chong-X remix) – Vicious Bunny


Download: Summer Days (Chong-X remix) – Elephant Man

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