God damn am I in love with lasers. Whether it be real laser lights, or whether it be lazer music, it doesn’t matter I have an addiction. Thank God the UK’s Will Bailey released his newest material “The Lazer EP” on the 21st of May, so I can keep pumping my ears full of them. For a quick three song EP, this beast hits hard. Just sit down and listen to the whole thing, and you’ll understand. It’s like being on the sidelines of heavy duty alien warfare, and digging every single moment of it. We’ve posted up the song “Eat My Lazer” which I’m a huge fan of, and it’s featured on this release. But, I’ve found out that my new favorite tune is the track titled “Interlude.” There’s just something about the sudden switch from a melodious piano tune to one of the filthier basslines you’ve heard recently, that makes me go buck wild. Enough from me though, check it out and share it with your friends!

Listen: Interlude – Will Bailey

Listen: Reactivate – Will Bailey

Listen: Eat My Lazer – Will Bailey

Snag the EP “HERE”

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