Since Memorial Day is upon on us; it’s almost time to break out the beers, barbecues, and beats.  Usually this holiday means a long weekend off from work and lots of hanging out with friends and family.  Nothing makes me happier right now than looking forward to not giving any F/(k% about stress and just having fun, which is exactly what Heartbreak did with this new track.  With some upbeat drops and winding womps, David delivers a jaunty and upbeat trap-esque track that is impossible to not get up and bounce to.  Definitely a different sound, the fusion of new inspiration and old classic Heartbreak style has me anticipating the release of the Incredible Hulk EP on June 12th more and more everyday.  Take this sample of whats to come to your weekend party, it’ll be sure to kill & we’ll be bringing you the EP as soon as it drops in a few weeks.

Listen: The Incredible Hulk (Original Mix) – Heartbreak

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