We at The Dankles stand firm on the idea that Wednesdays are the official start of the party week and celebrate each Hump Day by not only overloading your ears with music to make it to the weekend, but find ourselves in situations that warrant us staying up till bird chirping hours due to unplanned activites going down. This evening saw two of our regions unite under one roof as the Chicago and Colorado crews prepared for Summer Camp Music Fest in the grandest of ways (something I surely will be regretting during my impending hangover in a few hours). While this gathering took place, the dynamic duo that make up Knife Party had a sneak preview of their fresh to death EP go public for your audible pleasure. Rage Valley contains everything I’ve grown to respect and crave out from the minds Rob and Gareth’s. With elements of drumstep, moombahton, and the dirtiest of dub laced over the 4 banger tracks, this EP will undoubtedly have you staking their fb page in order to witness this mayhem firsthand. Be sure to grab the album May 27th and like always…..Enjoy mes Amis.

Listen: Rage Valley

Listen: Centipede

Listen: Bonfire

Listen: Sleaze ft. MistaJam

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