It’s been quite the long weekend on all fronts as The Dankles crew made the best of a four day weekend (yes we started on Thursday) by spreading out and seeing a variety of music being played. I will save my recap of this weekends events till later but I will say this…..looking back on everything that took place over the last few days, I am quite happy that I decided to hold down the fort in Chicago. It was brought to my attention last week that the good fellows over at Never Say Die Records would be putting out an album that showcased the best talent within their ranks. When you have names like Zomboy, 501, Dodge & Fuski, and Skism coming together on an album, you can guarantee to have your cabasa be rattled due to the amont of wobbles coming off their tracks. This album just dropped today so be sure to grab a copy on iTunes or Beatport! Enjoy mes Amis

Listen: Still Getting It (Zomboy Remix) – Foreign Beggars feat Skrillex

Listen: All Hail – Skeptics

Listen: Round One – Dodge & Fuski

Listen: Like This (feat Virus Syndicate) – Skism

Listen: Chasing Stars – 501

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