Ok, I promise this is the last “Climax” remix, edit or anything about this track, until something cooler comes out.  But, we have a brand new remix from our Miami homies, Caligula!  Caligula, was our first interviewee and we still keep in touch with this producing powerhouse.  This time, Caligula takes on “Climax” on a different level, nobody has taken the time to remix it into a drum and bass/drumstep tune.  Caligula has done just that, and done it well!  If you’re looking for a “Climax” remix to get you pumped up instead of making you feel like you have to make sweet, sweet love; this is the remix to do so.  Check this out and then check out the rest of Caligula’s tunes on Soundcloud; so many are for free!!!!

Download: Climax (Caligula remix) – Usher & Diplo

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