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Mind-blowing, sun bathing, extracurricular activities, food coma…..these are just some of the words that come to mind looking back on what I thought would be a relatively dull weekend in Chicago due to Summer Camp and DEMF happening 3 – 4 hours away from the city. After the last 72 hours, all I can do is thank the good lord for deciding to hold down the fort and start the #OccupyEverything movement on one of the best Memorial Day weekends this city has ever seen! So follow along as I take you on a journey of the life and times of a music blog writer “stuck” in Chicago this weekend.

Keys N Krates

#OccupyTheMid was on the agenda for day one of the movement as the good people at React Presents hosted an event to kick the long weekend off properly. PonDePreparty attendance was at an all time low since everyone and their mother flocked out of town for the weekend, but thank god for a friend not leaving town till Saturday and wanting one last night out in the city! The lineup for this evening featured a whole lot of home grown talent as performances from the likes of: Porn ‘N Chicken DJ’s, SWGGRBCK, Mooxy, and a live set from heros Hey Champ had the crowd dancing furiously to good ass music all night long. But Mayhem wouldn’t get its name without bringing in one more name to take the party to dangerous heights and this time around they enlisted Toronto’s finest trio Keys N Krates to headline the affair.


The audience was treated to a fine display of musical freedom right off the bat as they hit us with their recently done rework to Zeds Deads x Omar LinX No Prayers banger. As the set went deeper and deeper into electronic euphoria, the group kept giving their all and played one of the most intimate performances The Mid might ever see to a crowd that loved each and every minute of the show. I decided to call it a night right after they exited the stage at a relatively early time but I had to prepare……for Dillo Day was in a few short hours! Standouts Include:

*Special shoutout to Kelly R.

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