Get to know his name, he’s Mr. Vega, and you’ll be hearing it a lot in the near future, I promise.  Rot10Musik Co-Founder Josh Vega is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, his solo career (he also forms one half of Sazon Booya alongside SAV).  With his release just a few days away, three to be exact, we’re anxiously awaiting the complete version of “New Generation” in all of its glory.  The release has certainly evolved since it was just an idea in Vega’s mind.  Originally slated to be an EP, the release has been moving full speed ahead into a complete 10 track album (with 2 bonus tracks).  What I am most drawn to in Mr. Vega’s production style is that its constantly pushing borders which are impossible to close in by classifying it with textbook definitions of genres or connotations conjured up by society of what certain sounds signify.  Mr. Vega never allows me to slip into boredom while I’m listening to his tracks, as he can bounce from a sexy, slower tempo track to a super-fast, dance, rage/party track and everything in between.  “Batteries Not Included” (featuring the vocals of KO-Lition) is a major star from the release.  It combines a relaxed drum intro that turns heavy with an unexpected drops that, lets say, includes some serious airhorns and snares.  With that, it is impossible to not move to, even if you’re hiding your convulsing leg under your desk while at work.  We’ll be bringing you the opportunity to get to know Mr. Vega with an interview that will accompany his release on Monday, so stay tuned!

Listen: Batteries Not Included (ft. KO-Lition) – Mr. Vega

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