With a gloomy start to the week here in New York, Heartbreak’s latest EP, Cloud 9 Part II, hits me right where I need it.  Yesterday and today’s skies have literally been filled with clouds and have me in one of those weird funks.  Its like one of those strange moods where you just feel not quite great for no particular reason, maybe from just a simple lack of sunshine.  This time, Heartbreak delves into a serious mood EP with lighter and meaningful sounds.  Its the kind of EP that is perfect for reflection, which found me perfectly in the weird state I’ve been in for the past two days.  The three tracks with future bass sounds are ideal to spark something to, ponder life, have an epiphany or two, and definitely mood-setting music for a nice moment with your better half (*wink wink*).  Enjoy the softer side of Heartbreak’s madness and turn this up when you’re in need of some inspiration.

Listen: Reasons – Heartbreak

Listen: Lost & Found – Heartbreak

Listen: Burial Soul (ft. The Shiest) – Heartbreak

Download the EP HERE

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