This is blasphemy! This is madness! This is… The Redikulous EP! Australian Moombah-aficionado J-Trick has seen a lot of exposure in the 2012 music scene, and after this new 4 track EP release, I don’t think there’s any stopping him. Blending energetic Dutch house roots with the head-rockin’ and foot stompin’ grooves of moombahton, J-Trick is a monster on the scene. His sound transcends above all others both in creativity and originality, and you want to know the best part about it all? The dude is only 20 years old… This young gun has a lot to bring to the table in the near future, so be sure to download this “redikulous” EP via Beatport and get down to the moombah!

Purchase : The Redikulous EP – J-Trick

Listen : Redikulous – J-Trick & Apocalypto feat. Treyy G

Listen : G.U.N.Z. – J-Trick & Mackai

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