Doctor P and Dillon Francis, the sound of thee makes thy mouth water like an oasis….So apparently, after doing some twitter stalking, Dillon’s been receiving a shit ton of flack for this track via his Facebook page.  Comments along of the lines, ‘hmmm Dillon and Doctor P, I expected a lot more’ or ‘This and Money Makin’ are utter disappointments’.  I say haters can die, if you don’t like the track you don’t have to publicly bash it on the artists personal Facebook profile.  Anyways enough of that – I like this track a lot.  It’s quirky, fun, bassy, heavy, and it’s got a hilarious vocal sample that reminds me of Porter Robinson’s sample in ‘100% in the Bitch’.  I remember hearing Dillon Francis drop this at Snowball as his opening track and everyone lost it.  I also heard the same story about when Doctor P played it at Red Rocks.  To all the haters, as this seems to be the case with a lot of electronic music – don’t knock something or someone until you see it live.  Seeing this again at the Ogden in Denver when Dillon was supporting Nero on their ‘Second Reality’ tour reaffirmed this track’s status as pure badass.  This is just the preview as well ladies and gentleman, the full version is set to release June 11th.

Listen:  Music Is Dead (PREVIEW) – Doctor P & Dillon Francis

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