Them Jeans, a Los Angeles producer, party thrower and podcast host is quite the busy man it appears.  I’ve been listening to Them Jeans music for about a year now and I am constantly impressed with his ability to create such simple but moving tracks.  Last time we hosted Them Jeans remix of SBTRKT’s “Hold On” which got a huge positive response so here I am presenting you with a new remix.  “House” is a simple tune with some repeating filtered vocals and bongos.  Download it and check it out for yourself. As if that wasn’t enough, I highly suggest you check out Them Jean’s podcast, Tall Tales on iTunes.  It’s a podcast in which Them Jeans sits down with artists like, Brodinski, Diplo, Bag Raiders and Flosstradamus and has hour long interviews.  The one’s I have listened to have been awesome, insightful and hilarious all at the same time.

Download: House (Them Jeans remix) – Kindness

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