The HULK. Wreckless, easily aggravated, and uncomfortably-green are all ways to describe this city-destroying beast. Although no one has come up with a logical way for him to channel this anger, I think this is as close as we’re gonna get. Audio-scientists Claw and Richie August, who combined into the beast that is HULK after a bad day at the gamma radiation research facility, have decided to release another bone-breaking bass-filled dubstep remix that is sure to test the infrastructure to your house. Nightcall, one of the most pivotal tracks in movie soundtrack history, has just gotten a deadly dose of nuclear radiation from these dubstep superheroes, so if you’re listening to this song and “there’s something inside you” and “it’s hard to explain”, chances are you’re turning into a half man/half irrationally angry superbeast… Good luck!

Download : Night Call (HULK Remix) – Kavinsky


Power UP (HULK’s YelaWOLFstep VIP) – HULK & Davr

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