The Dankles first and foremost is a site where you can not only find music, videos, interviews, and event info on the freshest musical artists out there today, but is also dedicated to spotlighting up and coming talent that we feel deserve a shout. Every Friday, we will be delivering our Fresh Pickn’s of the week with hopes that this start can help you spread your name. So please, if you, your friends, your neighbor, your local dealer, or your 7th grade Science teacher has any music they’ve created that you think we should put on the site; then please feel free to get at us via Facebook, Twitter, or email ( with your track(s) and links to your social media page(s) along with photo so we can give you a shout!

Poncho Warwick

It’s no secret that I have a somewhat, well, askew taste when it comes to EDM, and I’ve truly met my match with the Huntington Beach gem known as Poncho Warwick.  If you didn’t know, almost any track that incorporates jazz and completely unrelated and unexpected genres like classical (yes, as in symphonies) music into an electronic format gets me very excited since this is not something we see on a regular basis.  Poncho’s smooth and tranquil productions are perfect for me to focus my mind to get me through the rest of the work week.  Beside a soft side, Poncho Warwick also has numerous happy house tracks that are so catchy, yet not tiring and completely repetitive (as many assume and shun the entire house genre).  A perfect addition to any day’s playlist, when you’re ready for a break from the mundane tracks released on a daily basis, Poncho will fulfill your eardrums with a refreshing and new style.

Listen: Tainted Jazz (Original Mix) – Poncho Warwick

Listen: Lillyjam – Poncho Warwick


As the weekend is hovering over our heads, I look forward to nothing more than spending some time with friends and family, as I assume most of you do as well.  This here in New York means the first weekend of pool and beach activities, so although the calendar hasn’t hit the summer solstice, we’re ready for the summer anthems to start crankin’.  Poldoore will be a major asset to my summer jamming with his original mix of  funky/soulful sounds with that electronica basis that once formed the foundation of everything we hear now-a-days.  “Lush Life” is the title track off his LP which is slated to be out in July (and is promised to be free!!), so until then, enjoy the teasers, and we’ll be bringing you the full release once it’s out.

Listen: Lush Life – Poldoore

Listen: Providence – Poldoore


Everything in life should come in balance, or the only result is excess.  So, for every calmer and tranquil track, I love to hit to completely opposite button, and today, that button is provided by Cyantific.  He is no amateur to the game, and has built quite a reputation for himself in the Drum and Bass community which is no surprise considering his highly flexible productions.  By this I mean not only are his fast sounds appreciated in the clubs, but are suitable for any time you could use a quick boost of adrenaline.  Cyantific’s obscure tracks draw me in with vocal snippets and heavy bass, that leave myself and I’m sure you, in awe when the drop hits harder than driving into a brick wall at 120+.

Listen: Mirador – Cyantific

Listen:  Infinity – Cyantific

Kai Wachi

There is so much to learn about this Boise, ID mystery known as Kai Wachi.  When I first heard his tracks, I thought immediately of horror movie soundtracks.  The composition of Kai Wachi’s tracks is very similar because of the different emotions that can develop within a four or five minute timeframe.  At one point its a calm-before-the-storm feel with light piano strokes, and a few seconds later its the slaughter with deep wobbles, dark stabs and loud bass, and comes back full circle for the victory lap (whether the victor be a vampire, zombie, or some dumb model who somehow ran away).  An intensely emotional palette is showcased in almost every track, and lacking in hypnotizing melodies is something you will never say about Kai Wachi.  Let’s hope this pandora’s box of a producer opens itself up to the world soon.

Listen: Dissolve (Original Mix) – Kai Wachi

Listen:  Tasty (Original Mix) – Kai Wachi

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