Defkon. As you can probably tell from the evil, Transformer-like name, this guy makes some supremely heavy dubstep. I’m not talkin’ “bass in yo face” heavy, I’m talkin’ “Holy shit, Bowser just raped and pillaged my town and now he’s taking a flaming shit on my crib after a hefty meal at Taco Bell” heavy. Well, blame it on my bias towards dubstep, Mario characters, or even my inability to handle more than two Beefy Crunch Burritos at Taco Bell without Mount Vesuvianus, but this guy has a real bass-mentality worth exploring. Here’s his latest single entitled “Power Up” with a little bonus track below it, so if ya dig it be sure to follow Defkon on Soundcloud immediately, as he is releasing so many new tracks, you’d think it’s his job… Wait. What?

Download : Power Up – Defkon


Download : Shit Is Raw – Defkon

P.S. If anyone can give us more information about this mysterious producer, please comment/message us immediately!

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