The event we’ve been waiting on for months is just a few days away and though the mood in recent weeks has been 100% summertime Chi, a mid Spring Awakening is finally upon us. We at The Dankles have watched this festival unfold before our eyes from a six person headliner list into over 60 of of the top artists in electronic music today. With members coming in from out of town to do coverage for what will surely be a hectic 72 hours, we would like to give you a run down of our picks of the festival for Day 1. If you haven’t grabbed a Saturday, Sunday, or 2-Day pass yet then get on that sh*t ASAP and leave us a comment below with your picks of the fest!

Tommie Sunshine (3:00 – 4:00, Da Drive Stage)
We’ve often compared Tommie Sunshine to Jackass’s leading wildlife expert Manny Puig for shits and giggle, but this New York producer doesn’t play around when it comes to creating banger tracks time after time. Having never seen Tommie live but always being fans of his work, we’re willing to throw money down that he probably knows a thing or two about putting on an epic set. Breaking a sweat to Mr. Sunshine’s divese genre selection will be a great way to get loose going into the afternoon!

Krewella (3:00 – 4:00, Da Equinox Stage)
The first taste of dubstep during Spring Awakening will be brought to you by two of the finest ladies that will grace any stage this weekend as Krewella will be delivering their signature bass heavy tracks to the masses early in the afternoon. The duo has spent the last few months coming up with tracks on tracks on tracks all while touring every knook & cranny of the US. Be prepared to go hard as hell as these Chi-town artists will be going all out for those in attendance.

Download: Fire Hive (Krewella “Fuck On Me” Remix) – Knife Party

3LAU (4:00 – 5:00, Da Drive Stage)
3LAU has been getting major attention and blowing up in the EDM scene at an alarming rate since about this time last year.  He’s a college junior, and known as the mashup master of the moment.  Once his remix was voted #1 in a Tiesto competition, the attention came pouring in and the spotlight turned to this Vegas gem.  It will be interesting to see his set on Saturday and we’re looking forward to hopefully hearing some new stuff from this potentially lethal weapon in the future of electronica.

Listen: Back To New (3LAU Remix) – James Egbert

Designer Drugs (5:00 – 6:00, Da Equinox Stage)
The last time The Dankles crew saw Designer Drugs was two years ago at the exact same place that Spring Awakening is being held. This duo is known for going hard in the paint with the insane electro madness brought to every set they perform. If listening to one of their notorious Datamix compilations doesn’t have your brain begging for more, then we are at a complete loss for what could possible be better. Musical freedom is Designer Drugs brings to the table! Be prepared!

Manic Focus (5:00 – 6:00, Da Colonnades Stage) *Waka Approved
It seems that Minnesota is more than a place that boasts cold temperatures, 1000 lakes, and some of the best upcoming snowboarders the sport has ever seen. Musical talent also flows out of this state and a native by the name of Manic Focus will be throwing down one of his infamous ORIGINAL sets mid way through the first day! After seeing him open for Vaski/Crizzly last weekend, you can expect  a mix of different genres along with the ever so talented eMJay on the violin. Future.Headliner.In.The.Making.

A-Trak (7:00 – 8:00, Da Main Stage) *Waka Approved
Options start getting a bit difficult around this time as a man who could easily headline his own event graces the stage just before the sun sets. If you haven’t heard of A-Trak then all we have to say is may god have mercy on your soul. This Canadian born DJ has been in the game since way back when and  produced more bangers then we care to list at this moment. If dancing to electro beats is what you crave then don’t miss A-Trak throwing down on the main stage!

Listen: Money Makin – A-Trak & Dillon Francis

Kill The Noise (7:00 – 8:00, Da Equinox Stage)
What can we say about Kill The Noise that hasn’t already been said? Everyone from 12th Planet to Willy Joy to Skrillex has been clamoring over the tracks produced by Jake Stanczak for quite some time. His Kill, Kill, Kill EP made huge waves in the elecrontic world last year and he’scontinued to put out banger remixes and originals to our delight. If you’re at Spring Awakening for bass, Kill The Noise will serve up a healthy dose that will surely leave you feeling satisfied. Trust!

Listen: Must Be The Feeling (Kill The Noise Remix) – Nero

Dillon Francis (8:00 – 9:00, Da Equinox Stage) *Waka Approved
We’ve said it before and I’m sure we will say it again…..Dillon Francis is in love with Chicago! This year alone has seen this Cali native come to town on three different occasions and each time this fine city is left in awe with his selection of dubstep, moombahton, kuduro, and electro bangers. It would be an understatement if we said weren’t looking forward to another round of DF and if the mood strikes you, be sure to grab tickets to the afterparty where he will be accompanied by A-Trak and Kill the Noise!

Listen: Music Is Dead – Dillon Francis & Doctor P

Claude VonStroke (9:00 – 10:00, Da Equinox Stage)
Claude VonStroke is a legend in many peoples eyes because he took house music and brought the genre to new heights by incorporating deep bass and booty shaking rhythms. C.V.S. music is nothing short of genius and everything that is spectacular in music today. Those who attend either his Spring Awakening set or his headlining afterparty are in for some serious rum shaking. Dirty Bird in the house!

Listen: Yo Vogue (Claude VonStroke Remix) – French Fries

Skrillex (10:00 – 11:30, Da Main Stage)
For the love of God….JUST GO SEE SKRILLEX.

Listen: All I Ask Of You (Skrillex 3 Hour Airplane Drumstep Mix) – Skrillex

Listen: Rudeboy Bass – Skrillex

See Them If You Can: Sabor, Gemini Club, Zebo, Midnight Conspiracy, Benny Benassi


Day 2 Picks……

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