It’s Tuesday morning, the sky is igniting with color, and I’ve yet to fall asleep at a reasonable hour again. Saying that this isn’t a reoccurring event would be a flat out lie, but with Spring Awakening right around the corner sacrifices must be made to finish a mountain of work that needs to be done. Right around 1 o’clock, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw that Willy Joy posted his much anticipated banger that we’ve seen featured in recent sets. With 20 plays in the last few hours, I can’t see a better way to start your Tuesday off proper then with a Trapdown track thats partly the reason I’ve been up all night. If you want an early chance to see Willy Joy throw down in Chicago, be sure to check out his set at The Mid this Friday! Enjoy mes Amis.

Listen: I Don’t Like (Willy Joy Bootleg) [Preview] – Chief Keef

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