Dear lord, the bangin trap tracks just don’t stop rolling in today. Mischief out of New York is an up and comer you don’t want to miss either. He’s been featured in our Twerkin Trap Tuesday posts two weeks in a row, and for good reason. He brings his own fresh sound to the trap game that can’t be overlooked. I seriously can’t stop moving myself to his brand new R. Kelly remix. I really love when artists layer melodic synths in trap, and Mischief has done just that. Do yourself a favor and go follow him on whatever forms of social networking you use. It’ll save you some time in the future, because he’s not going anywhere, and we WILL be posting more of him in the future. Quit stalling, and click “Download.” You know you want to.

Download : In the Kitchen (Mischief remix) – R.Kelly

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