The event we’ve been waiting on for months is just a few days away and though the mood in recent weeks has been 100% summertime Chi, a mid Spring Awakening is finally upon us. We at The Dankles have watched this festival unfold before our eyes from a six person headliner list into over 60 of of the top artists in electronic music today. With members coming in from out of town to do coverage for what will surely be a hectic 72 hours, we would like to give you a run down of our picks of the festival for Day 2. If you haven’t grabbed your SaturdaySunday, or 2-Day pass yet then get on that sh*t ASAP!

Willy Joy (3:00 – 4:00, Da Drive Stage)  *Waka Approved
If we had the chance to pick one artist that represents this city’s juke mentality then Willy Joy would be an obvious answer.  We’re no strangers to his one of a kind talent to make booties drop immediately, and his set will be one unmissable hour as per usual.  Willy’s exceptional skills always bring a wide variety of sounds and  tempos that can be appreciated by any music lover.  Since he has huge tracks in the works (with the likes of Tittsworth & more), we’ll be excited to see if some new moomba-terial will be dropped.  Get to know Willy a bit more HERE.

Destructo (4:00 – 5:00, Da Drive Stage)
Destructo has been in the game since Tamagotchi’s were the coolest thing around and is the man behind all things at HARD events. Infamous for throwing down sets just as diverse as the lineups he creates makes this DJ a must see come Sunday afternoon. Destructo has been producing more and more as of late and is an essential part of most festival lineups these days for good reasons…….he knows how to throw an insane party for the masses!

Listen: La Funky (feat. Oliver) – Destructo

Shermanology (4:00 – 5:00, Da Equinox Stage)
When families collide, the result can be either mayhem (ie Jackson family) or madness.  In this case, we’re blessed with a visit from the Dutch trio known as Shermanology; consisting of a brother/sister/cousin collaboration.  Although it may be inexplicable to most of how family members can work together to create such powerful and influential sounds, with the whole awkwardness of family relations, but these three have found a harmony with each other thats undeniable.  Their set at EDC New York a few weeks ago was an intensely energetic performance with vocals and inspiring sounds that make the sea of people around you fade away, and you feel completely zen-tied to this trio’s set.  So if you’ve never seen them live yet, don’t miss this one, or you’ll be kicking yourself afterwards.

Datsik (6:00 – 7:00, Da Drive Stage)
If you haven’t yet had the chance to see Datsik live, where have you been?  Canadian native Troy Beetle has been releasing straight bass bangers for about three years now, and his infamous speaker-rattling has been cooking up quite a storm ever since.  We’ve experienced his tours with huge headliners, and he has definitely stolen the scene as an opening act, to the point where I’ve wondered, Why isn’t he headlining?  Blasting dubstep wobbles that’ll make your knees tremble is just the least to expect from this jam-master of celebrations, so pack an extra set of crutches, or make sure you have a friend near you to lean on for when his bass hits yo face.

Listen: Fully Blown (feat. Snak The Ripper) – Datsik

Hardwell (7:00 – 8:00, Da Equinox Stage)
Some people are just born with raw talent, cue 23-year-old Hardwell’s entrance.  It’s undeniable that when someone starts making leaps and bounds in any fashion before hitting puberty, that you better shut up and listen.  His non-stop hit releases in the progressive house will certainly put you in a hypnotic euphoric state in no time flat, as his beats are more addicting than any drug, and will satisfy you even more.  With tons of new releases in the past few weeks, Hardwell will be outshined by very few this weekend.

Listen: Chasing The Sun (Hardwell Remix) – The Wanted

Flux Pavilion (8:00 – 9:00, Da Main Stage) 
Finally, finally, finally……..Flux Pavilion and his deadly bass cannon return to Chicago just as night falls on the city! It’s said that his I Can’t Stop banger introduced dubstep to the world in 2011 (thanks too two degenerates stuck in Paris), but Flux has continued putting out wobble-filled tracks for our audible pleasure leading up to this weekend. We still believe this producers performance ALONE makes Sunday ticket purchase justified and we sure as hell welcome our future brain explosion come Monday morning!

Listen: All The Eastern Girls (Flux Pavilion Remix) – Chapel Club

Diplo (8:00 – 9:00, Da Drive Stage) *Waka Approved
A heavy duty Advil was needed when our eyes saw that Flux Pavilion would be playing at the same time as Diplo Sunday evening. Think of it as Dre vs Snoop or Superman vs Batman…..two titans of their trade battling it out for an audience. We have featured Diplo more times then others on this site and for good reason, his music is quite simply put….The Dankles. If you want to Pon.De.Floor to a mix of moombah, trap, electro, and dubstep for an hour (and new Major Lazer) then you know what stage to find us at!

Listen: Move Around feat. Elephant Man & GTA – Diplo

Laidback Luke (9:00 – 10:00, Da Drive Stage)
You’d tend to think that by 9 PM on Day 2 that energy is low and tiredness would be at all-time climax almost, but we’re in the market for another kind of climax.  He’ll be closing out Da Drive Stage for the weekend, and we have nothing but faith that this Dutch warrior won’t disappoint.  As one of the biggest names in the game, even though his time slot is competing against the likes of Moby and Wolfgang, his big room electro sounds that have close to lethal effects on eardrums will surely be stealing the thunder.  Let’s hope he drops this ridiculously awesome track at the right moment, as the stars come out:

Listen: 1234 (Feat. Chuckie & Martin Solveig) – Laidback Luke

Wolfgang Gartner (9:00 – 10:00, Da Equinox Stage)
At first glance, it’s hard to think Wolfgang is responsible for throwing some of the most massive live sets on Gods green earth right now. His signature brand of house and electro has had us hooked for quite some time now and collabs with the likes of Deadmau5, Tiesto, Skrillex, Jim Jones have seen great diversity in each track he produces. We guarantee that if Wolfgang’s performance is only a 1/4 of what Chicago witnessed on Halloween and in March, your night might just be over long before the headliner takes the stage. Audience beware……and enjoy!

Listen: There And Back (Original Mix) – Wolfgang Gartner

Afrojack (10:00 – 11:30, Da Main Stage)
The Dutch always have to have the last word in matters and we couldn’t think of a better way of capping off  a magnificent weekend with some good ol’ fashion house music. Afrojack set is bound to bring about mixed emotions of joy, sadness, elation and jubilee for many as he unleashes his arsenal of bangers on those left standing. Chicago has always been gifted with many amazing curtain closer performances at its music fests and we have every right in believing that this could be another storytelling moment. Hope everyone is ready for an amazing two days of music and we wish you all the best!

Listen: Bad (Afrojack Remix) – Michael Jackson

Listen: Can’t Stop Me (Club Mix) – Afrojack & Shermanology *PERFECT LAST SONG

See Them If You Can: DeeJay Intel, Team Bayside High, Milk n Cookies, NERVO, Arty, Moby

Day 1 Picks……

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