AT DAWN WE RAGE is  a duo from Arizona that calls San Franciso a second home.  They’ve been producing for quite some time now and have always made some of my favorite tunes in the game.  Stormy took the time to answer some of our questions; he’s going to tell us what inspires him to make music, who his influences are and why growing up listening to metal is awesome.  Be sure to scroll all the way through because we have numerous downloads in this one (Including a BRAND NEW remix of Adventure Club & Krewella’s track “Rise & Fall”)!

Download: Rise And Fall (AT DAWN WE RAGE REMIX) – Adventure Club x Krewella *BRAND NEW

Q : Tell us your names, where you’re from and how you got started under the name AT DAWN WE RAGE.

STORMY: I am Stormy and I grew up in AZ most my life, but now live between Phoenix, San Francisco and LA just kinda hanging out wherever. The name AT DAWN WE RAGE was thought up while I was sitting in the drive through for Jack In The Box one really late night and the name itself kinda reminded me of zombies or something. Its really kinda funny because I am not really a “rager” at all haha I don’t drink and I don’t really party, I am more the chill out and smoke weed kinda dude.

Q : Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up and who is still influencing you to make music now?

STORMY: I grew up listening to metal, my parents listened to bands like Pantera, Metallica and Megadeth so that was naturally what I listened to. I always had a love for trance music growing up and then I got into Deadmau5 and that’s when I really started my love for electronic music.

Q: What is the music scene in Arizona like, how does it differ from New York or LA.  What genres do people demand?

STORMY: The scene in Arizona has been pretty cool, we have a lot of friends out there that have treated us awesome. However, the music isn’t as supported as much as a city like LA or San Francisco. Both those places we have had awesome shows and consider a place like San Francisco our home just as much as AZ has been to us.

Q: For the most part, you guys are producing dubstep, but have you ever considered trying any other genres, like moombahton, or the new buzz genre of Trap x Dance music?

STORMY: I have actually been working with a ton of new genres, the last thing I want to do is get stuck in one genre and never try anything else. I feel like to stand out as a producer right now you have to try new things and be all over the place, I have been lucky enough to have awesome fans that are open to trying new things, something I am thankful for in so many ways.

Q : You guys are releasing tunes all the time and the majority of them are free downloads, any reason why you choose to release for free rather than use beatport, itunes, ect.?

STORMYHonestly, people who think they are gonna make money off their music are doing it for the wrong reason. The days of hella money coming from music sales are long gone and I realized that from the beginning. At the end of the day I just want my music to be out there for free and available to anyone who wants to hear it. I will NEVER get mad at someone for downloading and sharing my music whether it is for sale on Beatport or anything else because, why would I get mad at someone for wanting to hear my music?

Download: Ravey (Original mix) – At Dawn We Rage

Download: Away (Original mix) – At Dawn We Rage & Death To The Throne

Q:  And for people that are just discovering your tunes for the first time, where is the best place to find all these freebies?

STORMYYou can find all of our music on our soundcloud (, Facebook ( and our website (

Q: If you were given the chance to have a weekly residency anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

STORMY: There is so many places I would love to play all the time, but I think someplace awesome like Ibiza or something would be legit.

Q: Is there any artist in particular that you would like to collab with on a track? Dream artist?

STORMY: I would love to work with Deadmau5 just cause he had such a huge impact on me and is the main reason I pursued writing electronic music so much. The main reason I would love to collab with certain artist like Knife Party, Noisia, Feed Me, etc etc would be to learn their secrets of mixing and mastering. All those artist have some of the best sounding tunes in the game.

Q: From what you’ve told me before, both of you guys played in bands before forming ADWR, what type of music did you play, and did you ever imagine that both of you would eventually team up and start DJing?

STORMY: I played guitar in a lot of metal bands and have always loved playing live. The idea for ADWR has always been to take it to the live level when the time is right. I never thought I would be doing electronic music live but honestly I feel more comfortable and love playing out like this more then I did playing in bands. Its a lot easier to get on stage by yourself then worry about 4-5 other dudes to play your show with you.


Q: You guys have just recently partnered up with Figure’s label, DOOM music?  Are you guys excited for this new opportunity?

STORMY: I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of that family, those dudes are some of the coolest dudes I have met and I think the talent on that roster is just amazing.

Q: You’ve had incredible remixes of Fake Blood, Felix Cartal, Porter Robinson and my personal favorite your “Sofi Needs A Ladder” remix.  What do you look for in make a new remix and making it stand out from others?

STORMY: When I do a remix I will only listen to the song once and I usually wont listen to the full song, I feel like that ruins my creativity. When I attack a remix I want to make a new song out of it and put my ideas into it. I am usually pretty picky with what I remix cause I made the mistake in past projects of doing to many remixes and never really giving my project its own identity. With ADWR I always just want people to feel like even though it’s a remix it could be almost its own ADWR song on its own.

Download: Sofi Needs A Ladder (At Dawn We Rage Remix) – Deadmau5

Q: Top 5 inspirations for music making?

STORMY: Traveling around playing music, hearing my music help people have a better day, meeting new people on tour, the enjoyment of actually making my music and being able to take ADWR to the live level is my next inspiration.

Q: Top 5 artists that are changing the game right now?

STORMY: Knife Party, Tycho, Alvin Risk, Figure, Nero

Q: For all the aspiring producers out there, tell us what you use to produce and what you use to play live?

STORMY: I use ableton as my DAW of choice, it in my opinion is the best one out there. For me when I have an idea it is the easiest place for me to get that idea out fast and that is important to me when writing. I also use it to play live cause its awesome and at the end of the day I just love it.

Q: We’ve seen many producers stick to using CDJs or turntables, how does having a live drummer enhance the live music experience? 

STORMY: Honestly the whole DJ thing never really impressed me and I never really wanted to be a DJ. I use ableton to do most my shows and the idea when we take it to the live level is just to have that extra visual aspect added to the show. I have seen acts use a live drummer and when its done right its awesome.

Download: Is This It (At Dawn We Rage Remix) – Filth Collins

Q: What are your plans for the rest of 2012 before the apocalypse comes?  Tours, new releases, festivals?

STORMY: I have a ton of music ready to come out and I have no plans of stopping the constant flow of free music, along with touring in the US.  I just confirmed my full European tour for November along with Australia after that.

Q: Thank you for taking the time to talk to The Dankles, any last words or shout outs?

STORMY: Huge shout outs to all the fans and friends who keep sharing our music with their friends, I don’t think people realize how much that really helps me out an artist. As always I just want everyone to please keep sharing and keep the music alive! Be sure to check out our upcoming tour dates and don’t be shy, come up and say hi!

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