Alright y’all, here is the deal.  Trap is the biggest thing in electronic music since Madonna asked where the molly was, and we have a trap tune right here that will make you go CRAY.  David Heartbreak is a friend of ours and is making so much music that is a head of the game right now.  Heartbreak is always putting out new music and he spans a variety of genres from moombahton, trap, moombahsoul, and more.  This time, Mr. Heartbreak surprised us with this banger.  He literally took Skrillex’s, “Cinema” and recreated it into a huge trap tune.  If you’re already on the trap bandwagon download this immediately  and get yo groove on.  Be on the look out, Heartbreak is releasing his Incredible Hulk EP will be released next week!

Download: Cinema of Trap – David Heartbreak

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