Five records later and these guys are still on their game! Having now been a long time fan of UK electro pop act Hot Chip I have been waiting with baited breath since their last release ‘One Life Stand’ was dropped a few years back in 2010. As always the guys are back with lush vocals draped over flowing bubbly synths with a little guitar slipped in the cracks to give us that loving ambiance their songs on this album emanate. Alexis Taylor’s vocals start us off on a tropical 80s pop flow in ‘Don’t Deny Your Heart’ but brings us back to those harmonious love songs in the following track ‘Look At Where We Are’.

Listen: Look At Where We Are – Hot Chip

From there we’re taken on a synthy love journey and then back into some bouncy beats in ‘Night and Day’ which are quite reminiscent of older tracks like ‘Bendable Posable’ and ‘Bubbles They Bounce’ off 2008’s Made in the Dark. The following track ‘Flutes’ has been turned into a little video already which the group put out before the album dropped back in March to give people a little peek at what they might be in store for.

Download: Night and Day – Hot Chip

The remaining two tracks on the album ‘Let Me Be Him’ and ‘Always Been Your Love’ take the tempo back down and over to the romantic loving side of things with easy synths sliding in behind groovy smooth drum rythmes to close out the 5th studio album from these UK romanticizers. On the coat tails of this album release the guys are also hitting the road to tour this summer with stops all over the EU and across the pond to use over here in the US (dates will be posted below). Best wishes to Hot Chip in all their endeavors and we look forward to catching them somewhere along their tour this summer!

Listen: Let Me Be Him – Hot Chip

Listen: Always Been Your Love – Hot Chip

OH and last but not least hope on over to Hot Chip’s online store to get the entire album if this isn’t enough for you!
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