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Planet Soul

I’m so glad that Planet Soul’s music has let the summer seep into my life after a weird week in NYC.  With this Miami duo’s beats on I packed my bags for Chicago, but I felt more like I should have been packing for Ibiza, as this is the mood Planet Soul sets.  Their tracks literally catapult me into my past of beach-side cruising on a moped in Europe with their high energy house beats.  Their smooth rhythm mixed with fast tech glitches and of course thumping bass bring me back to memories of buzzing through tiny closed streets lined by people at cafes drinking coffees and beer, as if I were in a video game and an entire day and night can pass by in less than six minutes.  They really breathe a new life to electro house, the black sheep of EDM, and will never have you thinking that house is just some repetitive untz-untz, and are reminiscent of the roots of euro-sounding electronica.

Listen: Chop Suey (Original Mix) – Planet Soul

Listen: Connected (Original Mix) – Planet Soul


The French have provided us with some great gifts throughout history; philosophy, the Statue of Liberty, and the metric system (to name a few), but recently my favorite thing to come from across the pond is Onra.  His electronic tracks bring a certain sense of tranquility over me, that no matter how hyped up I am, or what if a terrible day is happening, I pull it together and am immediately centered when his soundwaves enter my eardrums.  I’d label Onra my sort-of Rodney Yee per say, oohhhmmmmm.  The Paris resident has a long history of production, but has gained major attention lately, and broken through to the mainstream by grabbing the attention of Fold’s Gold Records.  He has a new EP which was just released with the this past week.  Don’t pass this needle in a haystack up, as we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the near future.

Listen: Somewhere (Deep In The Night) – Onra

Listen: Light Horizon (ft. Reggie B & Ubiquitous) – Onra


There’s something refreshing when I listen to new tracks, and it’s hard for me to put words to describe production.  It’s nearly impossible to define the styles of Zetto, and I believe all producers should strive to be so multi-faceted in their work.  Some tracks are more down-tempo and thought provoking; perfect for a Sunday of reflection; while others are fast-tempo, big room electronica tracks that are impossible not to move to.  Either way, unexpected elements are intertwined throughout all tracks, such as piano breaks, stifling vocals, and more.  As self-described, Zetto “makes all kinds of music” and all of his tracks are available for free download, so don’t hesitate and add these tracks to your library ASAP.

Listen: Runrunrun – Zetto & Ellemusic

Listen: Zetto-X – Zetto

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