To talk about this weekend right now would be doing the story The Dankles has to tell a massive injustice and let us tell you……..we could win every fest story telling contest in the book with all that took place on our end over the past four days. Seconds before my eyes closed to go into memory foam heaven, Siri decided to do her given task and remind me that Krewella’s brand new EP titled Play Hard comes out today on beatport and and iTunes respectively. This album features six good servings of bass heavy tracks lasting 22mins and sealed our stamp of from Wobble Effect. Showcasing the new album in front of their hometown left everyone, including myself, in jaw dropping awe as their afternoon set warmed everyone up to a long day/weekend. Go grab their album today like and be sure to rest if you spent all weekend at SAMF! Enjoy mes Amis

Listen: Play Hard – Krewella

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