So I guess you could say I’ve been riding the sudden wave of popularity that Trap has acquired these past few months. I really wouldn’t post as much of it if I couldn’t tell that you guys love this shit just like me. Today I’ve got a fun bubbly ‘acid-trap’ chune by an artist named ⥢ɱ∅ʠəɭɨNɠ⥤. This one will have y’all groovin in a heart beat, trust me. There’s not much I can find out about ⥢ɱ∅ʠəɭɨNɠ⥤, but that’s the way it seems to be these day’s in the Trap game. Either way, don’t hesitate to DL this song and impress your friends.

Download: Før Life for Life for Life (Rough̠̰˔n˔Nasty) – modeling 

⥢ɱ∅ʠəɭɨNɠ⥤ on  Soundcloud : tumblr

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