For those unaware, the maniacal and chaotic dubstep producers named Protohype and Kezwik have decided to come together and create a dynamic force in bass music entitled Bright Young Minds, and this track is one example of the truly heavy mayhem that these guys are bringing to the scene. This has everything that you’d expect in a modern-day dubstep crowd-pleaser : an alluring synthesizer melody and ensuing catchy drum line with dropped vocals, with an epic build-up all the way until BOOM, a bone-chilling, mind-blowing array of wobbles and lasers. This track is such a popular song that it is in FIRST place in the “Battle to Play Bisco” competition currently being held that you can vote for. Only truly massive speakers will do this track justice, but since we all can’t just borrow the speakers at the local Guitar Center and go H.A.M., play this on full blast with whatever ya got and you won’t be disappointed!

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Download : Problematic – Bright Young Minds

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