Even though I have yet to see Amon Tobin live, I have a feeling it is like no other live experience.  Amon Tobin has basically taken over the visual game in electronic music.  Since his album ISAM and the live experience debuted last year, his shows have been hard to come by and tickets sell out faster than you can process.  Amon Tobin’s music has also changed throughout the years from more downtempo to heavier glitchy music but all in all, it is uniquely Amon Tobin.  If you’ve never experience Amon Tobin before, ISAM 2.0 the live experience is going on tour again this fall.  There are dates in Chicago (9/7/12), Denver (9/4/12), and New York (9/14/12) along with many other so get your tickets soon before they’re gone!  This track, “Bedtime Stories” comes from ISAM and Amon just released this live version of it today!  So snag this and get lost in the sound.

Download: Bedtime Stores (Live Extended Version) – Amon Tobin

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