Although Munchi has been using trap sounds and producing it in conjunction with his arsenal of tracks that cover so much of the spectrum, today he releases “Rotterdam Trap”.  His five track EP is mainly a walk down memory lane for our favorite Dutch producer.  Most of these tracks are from when he was growing up and going out as a late teenager, that he felt needed an update.  An update indeed is what they received with classic Munchi style with a twist of bubblin’ (not trap bubblin’ – don’t be confused).  With the perfect blend of making you think “what the hell is this mayhem?” and “this makes perfect sense”, you just have to listen to understand.  What a perfect way to start the rainy week other than with the first Munchi EP of the year.  Stay tuned, as later this week we’ll be dropping more exclusives from the Rotterdam man himself.

Listen: Rotterdam Trap EP – Munchi

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