In the wee hours of the morning today we saw the release of Cloud-D’s new album ‘Voyage’ via Denvers own Mile High Sound Movement. We have been seeing Jon Black put out all kinds of astral laser bass deliciousness in the past few months and it’s nice to finally have a new official release from the local Colorado producer. Jus this past weekend we were lucky enough to be squatted out in Georgetown, CO for the annual Sonic Bloom Music & Art’s Festival and were able to see this young producer do his thing at the DL BuddhaLounge. This album isn’t free but you can hop on over to bandcamp to swoop it up for a mere $5, so get on that. Back to the album, this pack of tunes is nothing less that a blast into outer space; guided by starry synths and that gurgling bass Cloud-D has seemed to trademark. If you’re down to be taken off to space, then this album is gonna be just what you need to bring you back to reality.

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