Now, before I start, let me say that I am not nearly as well-versed in electro and house as I am other genres but when I do come across a good electro track I get really into it.  In this case, I stumbled across “Stopped At The Border” and haven’t stopped playing it for a while now.  Chicago producers Paul Anthony and ZXX took this track and made a bangin’ electro tune.  Snares and kicks that I’ve hardly heard before but it works so well.  This tune is guaranteed to get everyone going if you have speakers that are loud enough.  And if you’re someone that enjoys a little dub thrown into your electro, this tune has that too.  A good tune for just about anything, download this and boogie down.

Download: Stopped at The Border – Paul Anthony & ZXX


Download: Sing2Me (Kids At The Bar bootleg) – Thomas Gold *BRAND NEW*

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