Not much is known about the mysterious electro/dubstep producer named Whi5ker5, although what we can conclude is that this guy knows what exactly he’s doing. After some minor investigation of the 20 or so tracks on his soundcloud, it was easy for me to tell that this guy was on the path to greatness, with identifiable influences from professional dj/producers such as Feed Me, Zedd, and maybe a lil’ Skrillex too. In any case, this new song of his called “Living On” is a beat perfect for the club, as it’s relentless 4-to-the-floor drum line and killer wobble/synth combinations will having you stompin’ your feet to the beat from start to finish. So listen/download this free track below (and bonus track!) and be sure to look out for this mysterious heavy-hitter’s next release on his Soundcloud!

Download : Living On – Whi5ker5


Download : Make It Out – Whi5ker5

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