Nero, a duo that has taken over the genre of dubstep since their album , Welcome Reality, came out late last year, is still crushing it on all ends.  A Die Antwoord bootleg remix premiered on a radio show just recently and we were able to snag a radio rip from it.  Die Antwoord and Nero may seem like a weird combo but this track works really well.  It doesn’t have a huge drop but it does have pulsating bass pushing you over the edge throughout.  I know this a radio rip and with that being said it doesn’t have the best of quality, but you can be sure to snag the 320 from us once the actual track is released!

** UPDATED**  Full version of the track is linked below! Enjoy!

Download: Fok Julle Naaiers (Nero bootleg) – Die Antewoord

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